Heck yes Lawrence, Kansas!

Home of the Jayhawks
(and Sam and Dean Winchester).


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Lawrence Public Library’s grand reopening today! We were so excited to finally show you the new library! 


Happy Fourth of July everyone! 


loved the view after work :)

KU (by Pedro LSF)

Lawrence - KS (by Pedro LSF)

Lawrence - KS (by Pedro LSF)


Did you love these books as a kid? 


Do you want to do a scavenger hunt to find a real life Waldo in downtown Lawrence? 

Then sign up for our Where’s Waldo program this Saturday, June 14, at 10 am! We’ll start at the library with clues to find imposter Waldos, who will then give you another piece of a puzzle to find the real Waldo (and a pizza party)! 

Lawrence - KS (by Pedro LSF)

Class sizes range between 30 and 200 (with about 30 or 40 people per discussion). The number of spaces available in a class is listed on the ku website so you can get an idea from that. Some courses obviously have more people taking them than others. In Jewish studies a lot of the time it will be maybe 20 people in a class for the more focused subjects.
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